EMDB 3.08


EMDB is an application to keep track of your movie and TV Series collection. Both physical discs and media files are fully supported. With an automatic import from the database of IMDB, export to csv, text or HTML, thumbnail cover preview, a loan tracker, advances search and filter functions and multi-language user interface. EMDB doesn't need a .NET framework or any other external libraries and is therefore fully portable. And best of all... it's free!.

EMDB 3.08 changelog:

  • Playlists: Fixed subfolders in playlists with relative paths enabled.
  • Playlists: Fixed calculating file sizes with subfolders in playlists with relative paths enabled.
  • MediaInfo Batch Update: Fixed database was not saved after perforing a Mediainfo Batch update.
  • HTML Export: Fixed an issue in the Generate HTML for specific database content.
  • HTML Export: Made detailed cast list with photos optional.
  • IMDb Import: Made importing of Composer optional.
  • Batch update: Added option to update all thumbnails.
  • Print: Fixed thumbnail size in print thumbnail list.
  • Database: Added 'Media File' to the list of Media formats. Although it's the same as 'Digital Copy' a lot of users asked for this.
  • Database: Fixed an issue where Composers were taken over when switching between databases. (use the new Remove Unused Composers function to clean your database).
  • Database: Added an option to remove unused Composers.
  • Database: Fixed an issue were the database got way too big causing Out of Memory errors and long loading times.
  • Translations: Updated the German, Polish, French, Simplified Chinese and Dutch translations.

Download: EMDB 3.08 | 3.2 MB (Freeware)
Link: EMDB Home Page

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