Enjoy your Xbox games almost anywhere with the Xbook One S

Ed Zarick is pretty famous, at least in console-modding and gaming circles. That’s because, for years now, Zarick has been transforming boring, regular consoles into laptop-style, portable devices. Last year he even brought us the PlayBox, which married a PlayStation 4 with an Xbox One in the same casing.

Now Zarick is at it again, this time with Microsoft’s brand new Xbox One S. The updated console only became available recently, but the “Xbook One S” is already up and running. Microsoft billed the Xbox One S as the smallest, lightest and coolest iteration of its console, and Zarick wanted to maintain those traits in his mod. That why the Xbook One S is the lightest and smallest mod Zarick made.

Unfortunately, the modded console does come with some tradeoffs. First off, Zarick used a 19-inch screen, smaller than the one he used for the Xbook One or the PlayBox. The screen is also only 720p. On top of that the Xbook One S doesn’t feature an internal battery, so as not to add weight, so you won’t actually be able to use the console everywhere. That being said, this is still probably the most portable version of an Xbox ever.

You can check out more on how the Xbook One S was built in the video above, and you can even purchase one if you so feel inclined. But be warned, it’s not cheap. The flat rate starts at $1,195 as long as you provide the console; otherwise, that price goes up even more.

Source: Xbookone Via: SlashGear

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