Epic Games rolls out self-service refunds for eligible purchases

Epic Games has revealed today the launch of a self-service refund tool on its online marketplace. The new option allows customers to self-refund all by themselves, assuming they are processing refunds for eligible purchases.

The self-refund applies to all games, provided that users have not played more than two hours of a particular title and not more than 14 days have passed since the purchase date. Any reason for refund is also accepted, unless you have been banned from a game or have violated the terms of use. Those who will abuse the store's refund policy will also not receive their money back.

To get started, simply sign in to your account, click the "Account" dropdown menu, select the "Transactions" tab, and choose the game title for which you are requesting a refund. You will then see the "Refund" option if the game qualifies for a refund. Your refund will be returned via the payment method you used to make that purchase. The length of processing time depends on that payment method as well.

Epic Games is also revamping how its system determines game ownership. That means ownership authorization now takes place earlier in the launch process and you will see an error message if your account doesn't own the title being launched. Additionally, the company has partnered with third-party digital sales platforms including Fanatical, Green Man Gaming, and Genba Digital to provide keyless purchases for Epic Games Store games. Epic Games also announced a new bandwidth management tool, support for more local currencies, development of the Achievements service, and an upcoming capability to browse a catalog of player and developer made mods for their games.

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