EQ2 Adventure Pack and Live Update #5 Released Today

SOE has released the first adventure pack for EverQuest II - The Bloodline Chronicles - as well as their fifth major update today.

The expansion is available for digital download only and sells for $4.99 (Free for all Station Access members).

It includes several new areas to explore for soloists, groups, and raids; new creatures to combat; new way to interact with the environment such as destructable walls; as well as new tradeskill recipes, spells, and combat arts (which can be gotten to those who have not bought the pack if they can get the books that contain them).

Along with this expansion come several other changes to the game world, including new rare harvests for tradeskillers, two additional character slots for all players, a new raid zone for Level 50 characters, and an in-game email system that can even reach players in EverQuest and Star Wars Galaxies.

News source: Everquest II Homepage

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