EU to fund $21m research project on cloud storage

The European Union aren’t shy when it comes to technology issues, they are the one who asked Microsoft for the web browser ballot screen.

More recently, they have been diving into technology again and on Friday it was reported that they will be funding a new project, named “Vision Cloud”.  This project will explore the possibilities around cloud computing including data mobility and secure access control. The 21.4 million dollar project is being handled by a IBM research team based in Haifa, Israel although Siemens, SAP and an Athens and Swedish university will be also helping.

The idea behind the project is simple, to tackle “some of the main issues with cloud storage” as said by lead architect, Hillel Kolodner.

Additionally, there will be many more concepts explored including computational storage which runs a program called a storelet. There will also be a focus on flexible access control while at the same time keeping it secure with the final focus being data mobility and federation.

Currently if a company wants to move their data, they need to download it from their servers and upload it to a new one which would ultimately be in a different location. The project plans to defeat this by creating a system which would allow the company to start storing data on their new provider while at the same time the data on the other server is being integrated with the new storage location.

Image credit: Engadget

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