Eurogamer blacklisted by 2K Games

An especially poor review of Duke Nukem Forever might have caused a major gaming web site to be cut off from media contacts from the first person shooter's publisher 2K Games. Tom Bramwell, the editor-in-chief of, posted word on his Twitter site that, "We are blacklisted @2KGames and it seems to be standard practice." In a later response to a question, Bramwell seems to confirm that part of the ban includes no access to review copies of upcoming 2K Games' titles directly from the publisher.

He states, "We'll continue to review 2K games if we think our audience is interested. We had to buy Duke to review it, will for BioShock etc." He later adds, "No bad blood here - it would be handy if they gave us access but it's not the end of the world. I still like the people." Eurogamer gave the just released Duke Nukem Forever a score of 3 out of 10.

This move comes on the heels of 2K Games firing a third party PR firm for the game, The Redner Group, after its head Jim Redner made a threat on his Twitter page to keep future review copies games from some journalists who posted especially critical reviews of Duke Nukem Forever. Redner later apologized for his actions but 2K Games sent out a statement announcing the firing of The Redner Group, stating, "We have always maintained a mutually-respectful working relationship with the press and do not condone his actions in any way."

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