Eurogamer's new download service serves up E3 to gamers

The newly launched Eurofiles service, which is operated by and publisher Eurogamer Network, has proved a huge success over E3 - with tens of thousands of downloads served in the first two days. The service was launched earlier this week, and has been hosting exclusive video content taken live at the E3 Expo in Los Angeles throughout the week - providing gamers with high-speed downloads of trailers, interviews and conference footage from the industry's biggest annual event.

Based on Bram Cohen's revolutionary BitTorrent technology, the file service allows Eurogamer's sites to deliver digital content - including videos and game demos and patches - to users at high speed, but with minimal bandwidth cost. "We're all thrilled at the success of the Eurofiles service," commented Eurogamer's director of operations, Rupert Loman. "It's fantastic to finally be able to offer gamers access to exclusive videos and other downloads for free, when many other sites are charging for downloads or forcing users into frustrating download queues."

"We're always looking for ways to improve our offering to readers and build our audience," he continued, "and I'm confident that after such a strong launch, Eurofiles will continue to go from strength to strength." The technology used in the Eurofiles service means that it can handle an almost unlimited number of simultaneous downloads while still offering superb download speeds to users, and makes it perfect for distributing new game demos, patches or trailers to the internet audience.

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