Europe to receive a superior version of Metroid Prime

Thanks Mav Phoenix for posting this on our forum.

Nintendo of Europe has revealed that the PAL version of Metroid Prime will feature notable enhancements over the already released US version of the GameCube killer app. Unfortunately for us, thanks to these enhancements European GameCube owners will receive a more refined and difficult version of Metroid Prime.

  • Defeated enemies don't drop as many power-ups as the US version; less ammo and energy

  • Stronger enemies.

  • Damage when walking into acid or lava is more severe.

  • Just like previous Metroid games, the doors will take multiple missiles to open.

  • The Hint system has been toned down to not give away anything till about 15 minutes later than it actually would have originally.

  • Gamers can skip cut-scenes after they've played through once

  • Includes speech: English speech for the intro and voice output when scanning objects and adding them to the log. Also, a voice notifies players when doors are locked and unlocked and there is an added voice for the ending of the game
News source: GamersMark

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