European Blu-ray Disc Sales Jump Following PS3 Release

As seen with sales of Blu-ray movies in North America, the Sony PlayStation 3 is one of the best Blu-ray Disc players currently on the market. In Western Europe, the PlayStation 3 launched on March 23 and according to data from the Blu-ray Disc Association, HD DVD comfortably outsold Blu-ray up until that point. In the week immediately after the console's European launch, Blu-ray discs accounted for almost 87% of all HD disc sales. Recent weekly figures from Europe put Blu-ray sales three times greater than that of HD DVD, with the now-leading format accounting for 64% of the total volume in 2007. The quick turn of the tide, however, reflects how easily it is to sway favor in a still relatively small niche market.

News source: DailyTech

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