Eurotech unveils ZYPAD

The Zypad is a new arm-wearable computer right out of Futurama. It can run Windows CE or Linux and has a 400 MHz CPU, 64MB Flash memory, 3.5 inch screen. The Zypad leaves the user's hands free — it has no keyboard, just a touchscreen and navigation keys. Voice recognition is 'being developed.' It turns on only when you look at it, so it saves power. It has GPS and Bluetooth/WLAN/GSM connectivity

Promising to revolutionise the way in which millions of people work, the Zypad's high-tech design is the culmination of circuit miniaturisation, a wide range of computer hardware functions, optimised power consumption and ergonomic considerations. Weighing only 290 grams, the device could conceivably serve as an everyday tool as common as the mobile phone or the palmtop.

News source: Eurotech

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