Even more leaked videos show Microsoft's Kin disaster

Earlier this week, Wired posted up leaked videos that showed people testing the then-unreleased Kin phones, which were developed by Microsoft. The videos show consumers having tons of issues with the phones, but Microsoft decided to put them on sale anyway in 2010, alongside a big marketing campaign.

The Kin devices were a sales disaster and Microsoft pulled them from the market less than two months later. As it turns out, there are a ton of other behind-the-scenes videos that show strong negative reactions to the phones months ahead of the launch. Wired has posted up four more of these testing clips, once again showcasing how simple features that are difficult for the Kin to handle.

One of the videos shows the tester taking several tries just to access the Kin's main menu by tapping the screen. Yet another video shows a person having issues with deleting items, saying at one point, "It doesn’t matter which thumb I tap things with, it jiggles the screen rather than doing what I want."

Yet another video shows users having problems with the Kin's picture menu reacting to their touches. Finally, a short video shows a user discovering that trying to flip a panel on screen to the left actually causes the panel to "bounce" all the way back to the right side.

It's clear that the Kin was not working out and Microsoft would have been better off cutting its losses and cancelling the project rather than waste money and time putting it to market.

Source: Wired.com | Image via Wired

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