Exclusive: Windows Media Center To Dominate CES

According to a story on The Register this evening, Microsoft is about to "deep-six" Windows Media Center. This simply isn't true. Infact this couldn't be further from the truth.

The annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas is where Microsoft will announce three new components of its Windows Media Center. These will range from a "media node" to some kind of Xbox Media Center. The details of all three components are still unclear but nothing to do with "slalom" (MCE's future with Longhorn). These important components in Microsoft's Windows Media Center roadmap will be announced by Bill Gates in his KeyNote. CES shall be dominated by MCE news.

Look for some interesting new developments in Windows Media Center to be announced and ones that I'm sure many Xbox fans will welcome.

UPDATE: Its official Microsoft will NOT be removing MCE from its product line up.

"The Register story about us 'deep sixing' MCE is completely inaccurate." Mark Pendergrast Microsoft Product Manager eHome Division

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News source: In-House

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