Executive Says Sony Layoffs not Related to PS3

Wednesday's reported layoffs at Sony Computer Entertainment America may have served as another wakeup call to the company's current struggles in today's gaming market, but SCEA communications chief Dave Karraker denies that the PS3's third place position in this cutthroat console war was the major impetus behind the company's decision to downsize. In a recent statement posted on Next-Gen.biz, Karraker confirms the company's previous statements, blaming the layoffs on a changing industry.

"This move is not wholly related to any one product in our portfolio," Karraker wrote. "More accurately, it is reflective of shifts in the marketplace and in consumers' wants and needs, such as the rise of digital content delivery and networked services. In order to maintain our market leadership, the management of SCEA has found it necessary to analyze the business and restructure the company as necessary."

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News source: PC World

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