Facebook app tells your crush you're waiting for them to break up

A few short days after the more subtle Facebook stalking application, Breakup Notifier, was released (and then banned by Facebook itself) has come WaitingRoom. While Breakup Notifier was a way to get an immediate notification that your crush has finally broken up with his or her main squeeze, WaitingRoom is quite the opposite. It's an application that allows your crush to know that you're... waiting... for them to become your main squeeze.

This is how it works: you sign up for the application through its website, you presumably pick your crush, and then you wait. After your crush has broken up and changed his or her status on Facebook, they get a list of people that are in their "waiting room" yearning to sweep them off their feet.

Not to worry, though, it's all anonymous. No one will ever know that you've signed up for WaitingRoom, well, unless they finally break up. Even then, though, the application doesn't notify your crush until 48 hours after he or she has changed his or her relationship status. So it does not exactly tell your crush, while they're in a relationship, that you like them and you're waiting for the ill-fated breakup to occur. In other words, you won't explicitly be the catalyst.

Like Breakup Notifier, the application actually pulls double duty and tells you immediately when your crush changes their status.

Other features of the application include being able to "wait" on more than just one person (after all, what are the odds that one crush is the crush?), a panel of everyone you're "waiting" on just in case you forget, and, of course, being able to bypass the awkwardness of telling someone you like them in person.

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