Facebook apps for Windows 10 Mobile now show a 2GB RAM requirement

Facebook only introduced its suite of Windows 10 apps back in April, with Messenger and Facebook showing up for phones in June and August, respectively. Instagram was the last of the trio to become fully universal, coming to Windows 10 tablets and PCs just a few days ago - which was a big win for Windows, given that there is still no Instagram app for iPads.

But the Facebook and Messenger apps now list a minimum RAM requirement in the Windows Store, stating that 2GB is necessary.

Facebook Messenger

There are quite a few things wrong with this picture. For one thing, despite the Store clearly saying that 2GB is the minimum, we had no problems at all with installing and running the app on devices with 1GB of RAM. Of course, unless you're a truly old school Insider, you probably don't have a Windows 10 Mobile device with 512MB of RAM.

You'll also notice that both of the screenshots show that the device has less than 2GB of RAM, but the plot twist here is that both were taken with a Lumia 950, which has 3GB of RAM. The architecture is off as well, at least for the Facebook app. That app is a UWA, meaning that it's been compiled for x86, x64, and ARM.

In case you were wondering, Instagram still doesn't show a minimum requirement for RAM. Of course, the minimum requirement for Facebook and Messenger don't seem to have actually affected anyone just yet.

Via WinBeta

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