Facebook Connect in iPhoto

Facebook Connect can now sync up with iPhoto on your Mac, to share your photos directly from the program. Photos in your iPhoto '09, that comes packaged with iLife '09, can sync your photos to the web site for all your friends to see, right from your desktop. The same type of application syncing can be seen in iPhoto with Flickr, and with the iPhone application to upload photos from your phone onto the web site by using the camera phone.

Dave Morin from Facebook said: "We are excited that sharing your photos with the people you care about has become even easier with iLife '09, Apple's new suite of applications that includes iPhoto '09. Users of iPhoto '09 can easily share and tag photos from iPhoto directly to Facebook. With help from Facebook Connect, photo tags from iPhoto '09 can be added to Facebook and generate Facebook notifications. Additionally, Mac users can update Facebook News Feed and alert friends anytime they update their websites using Apple's iWeb '09 application."

Mac users can now join the more than 700 million photos each month on Facebook directly from their desktop in a couple of clicks of their mouse. The iPhoto allows you to edit your photos to your liking before uploading the image to the web site.

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