Facebook expands iOS free Wifi calling to US via its Messenger app

At the start of this year Facebook, updated its iOS and Android Messenger apps with a brand new feature: voice messages; at the same time, it launched a test program up in Canada to enable free Wi-fi calling on their Messenger app.

It seems the test program was a success because yesterday, Facebook began rolling out free Wi-fi calling in the USA on their iOS app. This means that if you live in the States, you can now call your Facebook friends from the Messenger app either via Wi-fi or via your phone’s data connection.

The feature can be very useful for users who wish to save their cell phone minutes and to call someone you just have to open the app, select the person you wish to call, tap the “i” button and press Free Call. Users don't even have to update the app on their phones as all the changes are happening on Facebook's end.

Until now, Facebook had partnered with Skype to offer video calling on Facebook’s website, but this feature isn’t available on phones. However, make no mistake, this is indeed a game-changer as Facebook has just entered the VOIP market which it may very well dominate in the near future due to its incredible number of users. This may also lead to colder relations between Microsoft and Facebook, who until now, have been best buds due to the fact that Facebook is now a very powerful and dangerous competitor for Skype which is owned by the Redmond company.

Again this is only out for the iOS app and there’s no word yet on when Facebook’s free calling service will launch on Android and migrate to the rest of the globe but you can be sure it won’t be too long before we’ll see that happen.

What is your favorite VOIP client? Are you willing to give Facebook a try? Drop us a line below and let us know.

Source: The Verge | Image via RedmondPie


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