Facebook finally starts letting multiple users upload photos to same album

Facebook is finally adding a feature that is long overdue: shared photo albums. This means multiple users, or "contributors" as Facebook calls them, can upload all of their own photos from a single event into one unified photo album for everyone to access.

On a trip to Cape Cod about a month ago, everybody took their own photos on their own smartphones as they should. Getting them online was the chore. Everybody had their own pieces of the puzzle, but up until now it's been virtually impossible to unify the puzzle. It helps a bit when you tag everyone in the photos, but it's just tedious and often doesn't show up on people's timelines in an organized manner.

Google+ has supported shared photo albums for some time now, which is probably some of the inspiration behind Facebook's implementation. Let's be real though, the vast majority of people who actually use Google+ are either die-hard Google fans or die-hard Facebook haters; Facebook's use of shared photo albums will benefit far more people.

The feature was built during one of Facebook's Hackathon events, which encourages employees to put their thinking caps on and build something unique. The rollout began as of today for English users and once all English users receive shared photo albums, Facebook will expand the feature internationally.

Source: Mashable | Photo via Mashable

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