Facebook hits 200 million users

Today marks the date that Facebook has grown to 200 million users strong. Facebook achieved its first 100 million users on August 26, 2008, since launching its service in February 2004. With such an exponential growth in the company, taking it almost a 4 and a half years to achieve the first 100 million, and half a year to achieve the last 100 million.

As Mark Zuckerberg and his 700+ strong staff celebrate, the popular social networking web site still needs to overcome one more hurdle to claim dominance, MySpace. Still king of the hill with roughly 275 million users strong, closing into the 300 million mark, it still proves to be the strongest social networking web site. MySpace opened its doors in August 2003, giving it roughly half a year ahead of Facebook.

Facebook has published this video to show its support in marking this special occasion of hitting 200 million users.

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