Facebook makes you jealous

A study from the University of Guelph has linked Facebook usage with an increase in relationship jealousy. It is reported that certain "triggers" can increase relationship friction.

The leader of the study, Amy Muise, said that one such trigger occurs with the mere viewing of our partner's Facebook page. We may do so often, and if while doing so we see a post that says, "Had a great time last night", we are prone to feelings of jealousy. The issue escalates when those who have found potentially revealing information seek to find more, assuming the role of a "Facebook creeper".

Muise pointed out that real life has many triggers as well, but often there are contexts in which they can be reconciled. There is no such context on Facebook.

A real-life example of said jealousy occurred when Georgina Hobbs-Meyer became a victim of divorce due to Facebook. She found lusty messages between her husband and some other woman and ultimately decided to end the relationship.

We have seen the current age of technology become increasingly prevalent in job application processes with managers checking up on potential employees through various social networking means. This new study shows the encroachment of Facebook, not only into our professional lives, but our relationships as well.

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