Facebook testing redesigned home page

You may be feeling a bit of déja vu from this headline; no, we're not talking about the Lite version of Facebook that was released recently, but instead, a redesign of the main page. The Next Web has received screenshots of the new page, showing the changes being made.

The redesigned news feed isn't much of a change from the one you'll see currently, but it's missing the Publisher box that users of the site will be accustomed with. As a replacement, you'll notice an alternating title and a new 'Update Status' button which brings up the aforementioned Publisher box when clicked. To add to the changes, there's a new 'Top News' link, which will show an overview of the top stories on your feed; when clicked again, this will change back to the 'Recent Stories' page that's the default.

The design is rather reminiscent of the Facebook Lite homepage, slimming things down, yet still showing more than the cut down version. As it seems, the new home page is being tested on select accounts, just like last time. We've included screenshots of the new page, courtesy of The Next Web.

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