Facebook testing redesigned homepage

Facebook is once again testing a new homepage layout and is currently live for a select group of testers. The new design changes are mostly cosmetic throughout the site, focusing on making search and notifications placement. The design is said to go live for everybody in the coming weeks.

The noticeable changes to the homepage are the repositioned, larger search box, moving from the right to left of the page. Beside the search box is the new location of the requests, messages and notifications.

The design changed also moved users home, profile, friends and inbox tabs to the right side of the page, adding in a new tab called "account", which contains all the users settings, quick account information and display picture.

Users may also take notice of the smaller taskbar on bottom of the user's browser. Some other noticeable changes are updated news feed filters, with a new tweaked layout. Invitations and suggestions have also received a small design tweak.

Image Credit: mashable.com

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