Facebook users get 6 months of free McAfee

Geek.com is reporting that Facebook has officially teamed up with McAfee to give all its users a free, 6 month trial, of the McAfee Internet Security Suite. After the initial 6 months, users will be given the option to continue their subscription at a discounted rate. The move, noticeably, comes after McAfee said that Twitter and Facebook would be top targets for malware in 2010.

This is from the official Facebook blog:

"One of the best defenses against security threats is a good offense, and we want to help you take the offensive by having the latest security software installed on your computer. Today, we are announcing a year-long partnership with McAfee to offer all 350 million people who use Facebook the ability to download a six-month subscription to McAfee security software at no cost, along with a special discount once the six months are over."

In the event that your Facebook account has been compromised, McAfee will also be there to help. Facebook has integrated their software into their "unique process" of securing these infected accounts. If your computer is found to have viruses, an online scan will kick in to fix the problems. Facebook, rightfully points out that they're "not aware of another free Internet service that takes this much responsibility for helping people keep their accounts secure."

To claim your free copy of McAfee Internet Security, visit McAfee's Facebook page and click on the Protect Your PC tab. Alternatively, you can just install Microsoft Security Essentials and stop worrying about renewals, key codes, and all that jazz. Still, you've got to hand it to Facebook; they seems to be taking security very seriously these days.

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