Fallout 3 DLC delayed by a month

The second and third downloadable content packs for Fallout 3 have both been delayed by a month, according to Gamespot. The two content packs: The Pitt and Broken Steel can now be expected to arrive in March and April respectively. The first of the downloadable content for Fallout 3 – Operation Anchorage – has been available for PC and Xbox 360 users since January 27.

The Pitt will allow players to travel and explore the ruins of what used to be Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Broken Steel continues the main story of Fallout 3, carrying on from where the player was left off. It also increases the level cap from 20 to 30. For this, the player works with the Brotherhood of Steel to finish off the Enclave, although not much else is known about the content pack.

Although players will probably be happy to hear about the extended ending provided by Broken Steel, it's not clear what cost the downloadable content packs will have. Operation Anchorage cost 800 Microsoft Points, which some were a little less pleased about, and we can only speculate that the next two will be similarly priced.

With the G.E.C.K – the content editor for the Windows version of Fallout 3 – there are already silly numbers of extras available to enhance and extend the game, but until then, fans will just have to cross their fingers that the downloadable content packs won't be delayed further.

Link: Operation: Anchorage for PC versions (800 Microsoft Points)
Link: Operation: Anchorage for Xbox versions (800 Microsoft Points)

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