Fallout: New Vegas receives third downloadable pack

Obsidian Softworks' third downloadable expansion for Fallout: New Vegas is available now, on the PlayStation Store, Xbox LIVE Marketplace and on Steam. Originally intended to release simultaneously across all three networks, a time delay meant that Steam was the first of the three retailers to receive the pack. At 7:00GMT, it still appears that the pack is unavailable on the PlayStation Store, though should be live before July 20th. The pack expands upon the game story, and explains how some of the mutated creatures of the Mojave Wasteland came to exist. Information about the content of the pack has been attained using the Fallout Wiki, and screenshots are available from the official Fallout website.

The pack refers to an area called the 'Big Empty', which the people of the Mojave Wasteland long since gave up on trying to inhabit. However, the area turns out to be far from inhabitable. After having been transported to the area, you are forced to join a group known as the 'Think Tank'; researchers who exist within a facility named the Big MT research facility. They request your aid against their own experiments, which have spiraled out of their control. Inside the facility, you will encounter new creatures and fiends that will test your ability to survive in the post-apocalyptic world the series is known for. Pre-War equipment will become available to the player, and can be salvaged and used to save yourself, and the rest of the 'Think Tank'.

The addon includes a new base for players to operate from, which can be upgraded. It is known as 'The Sink', and will allow for a more nearby location for the storage of goods. Companions will not be able to accompany the player to the new area, meaning that the fight for the Big Empty comes down to the player and anyone they can find within the region. Interestingly, Old World Blues will allow for more player customization to be undertaken and traits to be changed, meaning that a character who has proven underwhelming can be improved. The level cap will also be raised by five, as was the case with both 'Dead Money' and 'Honest Hearts'. At present, with all three packs installed, the maximum level is 45.

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