Familiarize yourself with the Xbox One controls for PUBG

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, also known as PUBG, has been an undeniable juggernaut this past year, capturing the attention of millions of gamers in 2017. It has yet to debut as an official release and has already sold over 10 million copies as of September. For the better part of the year, the game has been available to those on PC through Steam's Early Access program but is now finally set to become available on the Xbox One through its Game Preview program.

Before the title launches on December 12, it appears that Microsoft wants to get players familiar with the details of how the controls will work in the game. Despite it being a free-for-all shooter, there are tense moments that require precision controls and lightning fast reactions. Although these movements are easier to pull off when playing on a PC with a keyboard, it becomes a little tougher to perform these same commands when using just a controller, as is the case with the Xbox One.

In order to address this, considerable care has been taken to translate the gameplay mechanics to the Xbox One controller as best as possible. This process was a combined effort from the developer PUBG Corporation, the Xbox Advanced Technology Group, and The Coalition, the developer responsible for the Gears of War franchise.

First and foremost, the basic layout of the controller when navigating through the world of PUBG. As you can see, movement is pretty straightforward but players are given secondary actions by holding buttons. This also applies to the menu button which will give players quick access to see the controls list, alter the look sensitivity, or invert the look axis.

When preparing to shoot at an opponent, the control scheme will change, going from the basic layout to one that caters to dialing in the aim of your weapon. The menu above is what you can expect, with options to hold one's breath, changing fire modes, and more.

As you can see from the vehicle controls, things are pretty straightforward. Players will use the left stick to steer the vehicle, and use the triggers to either accelerate or reverse. In order to use a vehicle for transportation, the X button will have to be pressed to interact with it first.

Similar to driving, the controls for swimming aren't complex, with users again using the left stick to navigate. The stick does have a dual purpose, as clicking it will allow you to swim faster.

An important part of PUBG is the use of the map, due to there being Blue and Red Zones. Both of these zones are meant to keep the pace flowing during the game. The Blue Zone is the safe area and will progressively reduce in size over the course of the game. The area on the map that will become the Blue Zone is always selected at random. The map will also show you an area that has become a Red Zone, which you'll want to steer clear of or risk being eliminated.

Last, but not least, the inventory controls. The right and left bumpers will be critical, as they will give you access to your columns. The A button will select your item and hitting A once again in an empty slot will place that item in that spot. The X button can be used to place items in your bag quickly, while holding X can quickly remove all attachments from your weapon into your backpack. The Y button can be used to drop selected items, while holding Y will remove all attachments from your weapon and throw them to the ground.

As you can ascertain from this expansive list, there is quite a bit to digest before playing PUBG on December 12. The controls have been tuned to give the best experience possible on the Xbox One but that doesn't necessarily mean that it is the final setup. The developer will be keeping a close eye on feedback from the community and might make changes where necessary before its official release.

Source: Xbox Wire

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