FannerTech Spire/Speeze Heatsink Review

myWORLD Hardware has just recently published their latest review articles on FannerTech's Spire/Speeze two newest heatsinks entry into the cooling market, that was SkirveStream and Racksper I.

When choosing between this two heatsinks, each heatsinks has its own good offerings. If we chose Skirve Stream, it would definitely good for high end powered cpu such as AMD Athlon XP and Intel Pentium 3 cpus. Overclocking with Skirve Stream shouldn't posed any problem at all plus it comes with copper base which is very good in heat dissipation. As for the Racksper I, it comes in handy when you are building a rackmount computer system, giving you the coolness of your cpu without the need the worries of getting out of spaces! But of course, you need to run it on a low power cpu cause the heatsink doesn't give you the performance just like other high-end heatsinks

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