Fantasy Strike will showcase its work and allow those curious to play for free this weekend

A couple of weeks ago, we reported on a new fighting game being developed by David Sirlin of Sirlin Games, who was the lead designer on Capcom's Street Fighter HD Remix. Fantasy Strike isn't like your typical fighting game, and is instead a refreshing new approach that focuses on several elements: distancing, timing, zoning, setups, reads, and strategy. While this might sound complicated, Sirlin's main goal is to allow the game to be accessible, while still keeping it challenging to even hardcore players.

For those that were curious, the developer will now give players access to the title through its "Play Fantasy Strike (Pre-Alpha) Free Weekend" that will be occurring on July 28 through July 30. The game will be available to play on PC and Mac, and will have eight playable characters with four stages, a training mode, online and local play. The game can be downloaded at the source link below but will not be live until July 28 at 11am PT.

While you'll be able to preview the game this coming weekend, the title is still in development and does require some help when it comes to funding. The company has turned to Fig to fund its campaign and still has 29 days left. The game is currently slated to arrive sometime in 2018 and will be available for the PlayStation 4 and PC.

Source: Fantasy Strike 1, 2

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