Far Cry 5 teaser reveals a twisted and bizarre city setting in Montana

As we are less than a month away from E3 2017, it appears that Ubisoft has decided to reveal its cards early, with the unveiling of Far Cry 5. Although the details of the title won't be revealed until the end of the week, the teaser trailer does give us some information about the upcoming game.

Although Far Cry 4 took place in a fictional Himalayan country, Far Cry 5 looks to keep things a bit more modest by staying in the state of Montana. The trailer starts off in the mountains, with trees as far as the eyes can see, and transitions to a sprawling countryside with a flowing river... and a floating body. The trailer then shows a man that is running in the fields, after which it abruptly cuts away with the sound of a gunshot. In closing, there's a bizarre scene of a person ringing the bell of the church, with the head of another person, giving you the impression that Hope County isn't your normal sleepy city in the country. Ubisoft will reveal its worldwide announcement trailer at the end of the week, on May 26.

Source: Ubisoft US | Image via Ubisoft

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