Far Cry 5's level editor will bring assets from Assassin's Creed, Watch Dogs, and more

Last month, Ubisoft detailed what the Far Cry 5 season pass would bring along, including several bizarre storylines that have players fighting Martians, zombies, and the Vietcong, as well as a copy of Far Cry 3. Today, the company went into detail about the level editor, named Far Cry Arcade, that will ship with the game, free to all players.

While level editors have been present in previous Far Cry games, the new implementation seems to be the most comprehensive yet, offering players the ability to make and share single-player and cooperative missions, as well as multiplayer experiences. But the biggest difference is that Far Cry Arcade will also offer assets from Far Cry 5, 4, Primal, Assassin's Creed Unity, Black Flag and Watch Dogs, adding up to over 7000 objects, with more being added from the aforementioned DLC campaigns, as they launch.

Far Cry Arcade's lead designer Clark Davies said the following on how the game will entice players to try out the custom content:

“The critical thing for us is to make sure that the time players spend in Far Cry Arcade is equally as valued to them as the time that would be spent in the campaign. So we have a shared progression system to do that. All the rewards that you would normally earn in the campaign – money, items, weapons, vehicles, and so on – all of these are equally available to you in Far Cry Arcade, and vice versa. It’s one profile; you take it back and forth between the game modes exactly as you’d like, whenever you like. Your time is equally valued wherever you spend it.”

The Far Cry Arcade will be accessible in-game through actual arcade machines that are scattered throughout Hope County, where players can select experiences from Ubisoft as well as the community to jump in to, with more being added every week.

Far Cry 5 is slated to launch on March 27 for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4, with Xbox One X and PlayStation 4 Pro owners getting additional enhancements.

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