Farscape in stores next week

Developed by Red Lemon, Farscape is based on the Scifi channel TV series of the same name, and should start shipping to stores next week.

The game is based on the top rated Farscape™ television series on BBC 2. Farscape™ is also the most popular original series on the Sci-Fi Channel in the U.S. as well as being an international hit. Farscape™ is the story of American astronaut John Crichton who joins a motley band of escaped alien renegades traversing the universe in Moya, a living ship. The game will be a 3D Action/Adventure that immerses the player in the Farscape universe and gives them a chance to control and interact with Crichton, Aeryn, Zhaan, D Argo, Chiana, and Rygel - the lead Characters from the series.

News source: Gamershell

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