FCC filing hints at HTC Incredible release; another video surfaces

At the beginning of the month, Neowin posted the first video of Verizon's upcoming HTC Incredible, however, no time table for release was revealed. Over at AndroidForums, further release details are beginning to emerge. Images of Verizon's inventory have leaked which show the Android based HTC phone with model number 6300. That, combined with an FCC filing for a CDMA device (PB31200) with a battery carrying the same model number, leads Android fans to believe that the device is, in fact coming to Verizon within the next month or two. The filings cleared on February 9th. If this phone follows the same time table as Verizon's HTC Eris did, we should be seeing it hit stores by the end of March or beginning of April.

HTC Incredible FCC filing

HTC Incredible in Verizon inventory

The Incredible is expected to pack a 1GHz processor with a 3.5 to 3.7 in screen, Sense UI, and 256MB of RAM. Some forum members are saying that the video below is not the Incredible, but rather the Supersonic, which Sprint is expected to carry. However, leaked pictures of the Incredible lend us to believe that the video is, in fact, the Incredible. Check it out for yourself.

Leaked Photo of HTC Incredible:

HTC Incredible

Suspected video of HTC Incredible:

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