F.E.A.R. Demo Tweak Guide

Have you tried the F.E.A.R. SP Demo only to find it beats your system into submission? Worried that your aging graphics card won't have the muscle to handle one of the year's most anticipated shooters? Fear not (no pun intended), for TweakGuides.com has a great article posted to help you get the most out of your F.E.A.R. experience. This guide effectively explains what each in-game option does so you can figure out the right combination of speed and visual effects for your setup.

If you're really into getting your hands dirty, the second page of the article goes in depth into editing the configuration files for the game directly. This provides a workaround for people such as myself who are using 17" and 19" LCD monitors, only to find much to their chagrin that the game did not natively support 1280x1024 resolution. However, make sure you set your graphics options accordingly prior to manually adjusting your resolution, as going back into the display properties afterwards will reset it.

Monolith has stated that the quality of the demo is quite near the final product, so this will give everyone a good benchmark of how well their systems will handle F.E.A.R. come October.

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