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Few companies allowed to build Windows RT tablets

It's been known that Microsoft plans on imposing strict restrictions on Windows RT device manufacturers, but now it appears there will only be a select few companies even allowed to build Windows RT devices until January. According to a new report, just six OEMs are being allowed to develop the first Windows RT devices until next year, which will feature chipsets from three companies.

China Times reports that NVIDIA, Qualcomm and TI are the only chipset manufacturers allowed to develop ARM chips for Windows RT devices at the moment. Each of those companies is allowed to work with two OEMs to develop Windows RT tablets for the Windows 8 and Windows RT launch in October; in January, Microsoft would lift its restrictions and allow other OEMs to release Windows RT tablets. The report states NVIDIA is teaming up with ASUS and Lenovo for its OEMs, TI is working with Toshiba, and Qualcomm is working with Samsung and HP.

HP recently decided not to launch Windows RT tablets for Microsoft's October 26 launch, allowing Qualcomm to select another OEM to work with. The article claims Dell is attempting to obtain HP's vacated slot in Microsoft's launch program. Another slot could potentially be open as TI is only working with Toshiba according to the report, although no additional information is given regarding why TI is only working with one OEM.

The news would corroborate a recent report that Samsung is working on a Windows RT tablet featuring a Qualcomm chipset for the Windows RT and Windows 8 launch on October 26.

Via: Engadget
Source: China Times

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