File-swapping case may break new ground

Thanks Warp2search for this. A prominent civil liberties group is jumping to the aid of MusicCity, a popular file-swapping company confronting a lawsuit from the Hollywood and record industry that could blaze new, influential legal ground.

The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), which has represented hackers, cryptographers and computer scientists in its push for digital rights, agreed to defend MusicCity against copyright infringement charges by movie studios and record labels. It's helping build a high-powered team of lawyers to show that this case is different from Napster's.

On its face, this lawsuit resembles the one that has silenced Napster since July. But the EFF and other supporters argue that the suit, aimed at the popular MusicCity, Grokster and Kazaa networks, represents a clear instance of the entertainment industry trying to shut down a technology that has many uses--something the U.S. Supreme Court has stopped before.

News source: CNet

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