Final Diablo III video dev diary talks about game's future

It may be hard to believe for some people, but Diablo III is less than 10 days away from coming out. Blizzard is still ramping up to its launch with some pre-release content. This week, the developer posted the fifth and final video dev diary for the long awaited fantasy action-RPG sequel.

As with the all four previous dev diary videos, this final entry has Diablo III's game director Jay Wilson, art director Christian Lichtner and lead software engineer Jason Regier discussing the the game. In this case, they actually talk about the future after the game is released for the PC and Mac on May 15th.

All three team members clearly want to get Diablo III's player-vs-player features released. Blizzard announced in March it would not launch the game with PvP but rather release those features in a future patch. Wilson says that getting PvP out to Diablo III's player base is the team's "top priority" after the game comes out.

Blizzard has also release some new PC wallpapers with images of all five of Diablo III's player classes this week. Finally, Blizzard posted a behind-the-scenes video describe the production of Diablo III: Wrath, the upcoming 2D animated short that's being developed by the animation studio Titmouse.

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