Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles

With the game just two months away from release in Japan, Square unveil new shots of Final Fantasy's Cube debut

The latest shots of Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles show some of the enemies you can expect to face in the game.

Unlike other games in the legendary RPG series, Chronicles won't use turn-based combat but will instead feature realtime fighting, much like Square's Secret of Mana, with your characters slashing and hacking as they go.

The game will also utilise a new spell system along with a 'magic link' which will allow you to combine magic stones with magical spells. For instance, combining a Homing stone with Fire magic will result in a huge flame chasing after your alloted target. Nice.

A Japanese release date of 18 May has just been confirmed although we're not expecting to see the game in the UK until the end of the year at the very earliest.

News source: Gamesradar

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