Finnish city adopts Linux, confirms MS dumped

The Finnish city council of Turku that was considering moving to OpenOffice and Linux systems by the end of 2003 has come to a decision.

And that's their decision.

In a final evaluation report released this week, a base system recommendation will include Open Office, with the committee rejecting Microsoft representations.

Microsoft is believed to have promised savings of up to 30 per cent on software costs if the city decided to move wholesale to Windows XP based system, using a calculation model based on Gartner Group evaluations.

But the MS tender is believed to have only included direct licence costs, no training, no supplementary software such as anti-viral software, and does not take into account the hardware upgrades necessary to run the Windows Eyecandy.

So they're plumping for going down the Linux route after all.

News source: The Inquirer - Finnish city adopts Linux, confirms MS dumped

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