Firaxis details Civilization VI: New Frontier's new Gran Colombia civ

The Civilization VI New Frontier season pass Firaxis announced last week is set to deliver its first add-on pack on May 21, and following the Maya unveiling, today the studio dropped details on the second civilization arriving with it: Gran Colombia.

Gran Colombia's national ability, Ejercito Patriota, grants a +1 movement bonus to every unit of the civilization from the start of the game. Moreover, promotions do not end a unit's turn. Meanwhile, the Hacienda arrives as the unique improvement, which delivers gold, production, housing, and food bonuses when built adjacent to plantations and other Haciendas.

Simón Bolívar leads Gran Colombia, and his leader ability, Campaña Admirable, delivers a Commandante General whenever the civilization enters a new era. This unique general brings in passive and active effects to help the civilization, such as instantly upgrading military units, providing combat strength, and granting trade routes to cities, among others.

Lastly, the unique unit Llanero arrives as a cavalry replacement that becomes more powerful when fighting next to other Llaneros. Commandante General's powers fit in here too, since anytime the unique general triggers an active ability, all nearby Llanero units heal to full. Looking at all the bonuses the civilization heralds, it looks like it could be a very high tier pick for fans of domination victories.

Gran Colombia and the previously detailed Maya civilizations will be arriving alongside new city-states, resources, and natural wonders with the first Civilization VI New Frontier Pass add-on pack on 21. The pack will also be available as a standalone purchase following that date.

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