Fired Windows Phone evangelist sails into Google territory

Remember this from September? For Joe Marini and his followers, there is at least good news out of this incident - Marini still has a job, and its still in the hotly contested mobile space. Of course, his job is now at one of his old employers most despised rivals: Google.

In September, Marini, a former Windows Phone principal program manager, enthusiastically tweeted details about the then-unreleased upcoming Nokia Windows Phone, which is now revealed as the Lumia 800. Of course, by doing so he forgot that that no one was supposed to know details about the phone yet, even if its as minor as the quality of the phones camera:

Following this not-so-enlightening tweet, Marini handed in his resignation to Microsoft after understanding that he would be fired for such a mistake. Todays tweet (via Liveside) is a little more enthusiastic:

"Im excited to be starting my new role at Google, driving the Web forward, and to continuing to work with the amazing people Ive met!"

According to his Twitter profile, Marinis position at Google is a "Google Dev Advocate" for "Mobile Apps & Web, Product Management and Strategy, API platforms, Developer Relations, [and] Community Engagement."

The outspoken Marini also plans to set up a blog describing the events of the previous months that led to his employment at Google. One can only hope its not laden with anything Microsoft can use to hit him back with.

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