Firefox 4 home tab design challenge, winner announced

Mozilla has announced the winner for its home tab design challenge, where users get a chance to make a concept design of what the new opening tab will look like.  Mozilla asked the community to submit their concept designs, and after more than 3,000 votes, they are ready to announce the winner, and his design.

The winner, Yatrik Solanki, describes his concept images as “Identities, a website launcher, browsing sessions, and a task-oriented ultrasmart search box define my concept. And it’s cool!.”

The design includes a search bar, so users can search some of the top sites, rather than just Google.  The home page includes a launcher for recently visited websites and favourites.  The concept also includes login history, so users can see which of their favourite sites they are logged in to, or if the page requires login information.

The winning design may not reflect the final UI when Firefox 4 ships, but gives us a good idea what Mozilla is looking for in their new home tab design.


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