Firefox 9.0.1 quickly released

Firefox 9.0, the latest version of Mozilla's web browser, was released earlier this week. However, one day after the browser went public on Tuesday, Mozilla quickly released Firefox 9.0.1 on Wednesday. reports that Mozilla didn't offer any official release notes for the 9.0.1 version. However, a post on the Bugzilla blog offered an explanation.

According to Alex Keybl of Mozilla, "We built Firefox 9.0.1 with bug 708572 backed out. We've pushed Firefox 9.0.1 for all platforms. Although we think Windows is mostly unaffected, we still decided to move forward with Windows->9.0.1."  The new 9.0.1 version was actually designed to remove a bug fix that was applied earlier. The "fix" was causing Firefox browsers from some users that had some third party add-ons installed to crash. The issue was mainly affecting the Mac version although the Windows and Linux ports had the same problem.

It's been a busy week for Firefox and Mozilla. In addition to the release of the 9.0 version of Firefox and the quick patch, Mozilla has secured a very nice deal with Google so that Google will remain Firefox's default search browser for the next three years. The deal reportedly will net Mozilla nearly $300 million a year.

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