Firefox for Windows to offer prompts for updating plugins

While Microsoft has decided to ditch the third party plugin software model for the "Modern" version of Internet Explorer 10 for Windows 8, other web browsers continue to use plugin software. This is due to the fact that many sites still use software such as Adobe's Flash for website animations.

Today, Mozilla announced that it is trying to be proactive in informing users of its Firefox web browser for Windows when their plugin software is out of date. In a post on the official Mozilla blog, the company said:

Firefox users who have outdated versions of the most popular plugins will soon see a notification urging them to update when they visit a web page that uses them. Old versions of Silverlight, Adobe Reader and Adobe Flash on Windows are covered by this.

The message adds that while Firefox users can choose to ignore these new prompts, that would be a bad idea. It states, "Old plugin versions can cause stability problems and are potentially insecure. Keeping them up to date will ensure that you have a great Firefox experience."

Mozilla recently launched the first public beta of Firefox made for the "Modern" UI of Windows 8. While it currently doesn't support plugins, Mozilla said it would add support for such software for the Windows 8 port at some point.

Source: Mozilla blog | Image via Mozilla

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