Firefox is losing momentum

The Mozilla Foundation's Firefox browser has gained one percentage point of market share in five months, compared to the one-point-per-month gains after its release a year ago according to recent reports.

According to WebSideStory (a web analytics firm) the browser's once-strong surge against Microsoft Internet Explorer is showing signs of losing momentum. WebSideStory released stats that showed Firefox has crept up from April's 6.75 percent to September's 7.86 percent, a single percentage point gain in five months. During the first few months after its November, 2004, release, Firefox was adding another point each month.

Both Microsoft and Mozilla are planning to release updates to Internet Explorer (to v7) and Firefox (to v1.5) before the end of the year. It's expected that these releases won't change the stats too much simply because Firefox fans are extremely loyal. The saga continues....;)

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