First 512GB SSD offered for sale: $1500

SSDs have always been for those with a lot of cash and a lot of demand for speed, and after this new product introduction, things are still the same. SSDs, or solid state drives, are popular because they're fast and reliable. They feature no moving parts, so they don't suffer nearly as badly from knocks or drops as regular hard drives. Although, these benefits come with a price; these drives are typically much smaller in storage, and because they're a lot harder to manufacture, they're a great deal pricier too.

According to Techworld, a company named Super Talent has made a world first and debuted a 512GB SSD ready for consumers; the largest to ever be sold. There have been storage solutions similar to this, like a setup from OCZ that features 1TB of SSD storage by tightly packing four 265GB SSDs, but none have had this level of space in one drive before.

Now that Super Talent have come out and done this, expect to see others do the same. Toshiba have plans to get their own range of these ready; in the technology world, having the competitive advantage never lasts long. And yes, as you may have deducted from the title, this will render your wallet about $1500 worse off, so be sure to get a mortgage before you plan to upgrade to these.

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