First Halo 4 screenshots leak, ahead of Microsoft reveal

Ever since we finished playing Halo 3, we’ve been hungering for more action featuring the franchise’s star, Master Chief. While Halo: Reach did much to satisfy our cravings for more action from the Halo universe, what we’ve really been waiting for is the next instalment in the series.

Microsoft showed off a trailer for Halo 4 at E3 last year, but precious little is known about the new title, which will be the first of three confirmed new games, dubbed the Halo 'Reclaimer Trilogy'. It’s understood that that trailer was custom-made for E3, rather than being developed with the actual Halo 4 engine that will power the new game.

Today, however, the first in-game screenshots have leaked, giving us a look at Master Chief in his new gaming environment. sourced the shots, which were captured by Paul Featherstone of 343 Industries, Microsoft’s in-house development studio for Halo, which took over responsibility for the franchise from previous developers Bungie. noted comments made by Featherstone on NeoGAF’s forums that the screenshots are “100% untouched”, using a “debug cam with an in-engine Depth-of-field”.

It looks like Microsoft has big plans for the Halo franchise, as Fusible reports that the company has successfully registered and While Microsoft does not yet own Halo, or, it has previously registered, and its efforts to secure these domains hint at a long and exciting future for the game series.

Microsoft is expected to announce further information about Halo 4 later today. In the mean time, take a minute out of your day to enjoy the Halo 4 trailer from E3:

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