First In-game Screenshot of Star Trek Online

Entry 5.0 of Star Trek Online's DevLog debuts the first ever in-game screenshot of Star Trek Online. It features a starship orbiting a planet and showcases the "Interaction System" -- a set of commands which act as a conduit for players to transition between space and ground based gameplay. The game appears to be taking a more "stylized" approach similar to major MMO's such as World of Warcraft and Guild Wars.

While flying through space in a starship, players will use the Interaction System in exactly the same way ("Keep it Consistent")... but the NPCs the player will interact with will reflect more of the awesome diversity of the Star Trek universe. In space, players can respond to hails from officials on distant planets, or get orders from the commanders of besieged space stations, or do business with the owners of untrustworthy Orion shipyards, simply by right-clicking on those planets, space stations, or shipyards in exactly the same manner as if they were on the ground. In fact, the Interaction System is often the key to the player's ability to transition between space and ground, as ably illustrated by our VERY FIRST RELEASED IN-GAME SCREEN SHOT

News source: Star Trek Games
Screenshot: >> Click here <<

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