First look at Battlefield 3: Close Quarters

EA has released a trailer and a whole new batch of screenshots for the upcoming Close Quarters DLC for Battlefield 3. The new maps take players out of the vehicle laden open areas the Battlefield series is famous for and puts them up close and personal in, well, close quarters.

The new DLC promises to bring a whole new level of destruction to the indoor locales, and if it delivers anything like whats shown in the trailer, it wont disappoint. EA is dubbing the impressive looking new system "HD Destruction."

While current indoor focused maps like Operation Metro dont display much in the way of destruction, not to mention getting some harsh criticism for the stalemates they tend to cause, Close Quarters will hopefully change this.

Rather than strategic lone-wolfing or team based raiding exercises, this new batch of maps is designed for only 2-16 players, a far cry from the 64 player extravaganzas the game is capable of supporting, and well have to wait and see whether or not straying away from the usual formula is a good idea.

Close Quarters is due to roll out this June, with the PlayStation 3 version coming a week earlier than other platforms. Hopefully itll be better than Aftershock.

Images via EA

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