First look at Facebook's new layout

One of the world's most popular social-networking web sites is changing its layout around to help improve functionality of the web site and bring better updates to each user.

One of the changes is the Filters on the web site to help organize into categories that friends are tagged under including, All Friends, Family, Facebook and some other personalized tags. Sort friends by what school, where you work, or anything you can think of. Customized tags are available to each user for quick updates.

The stream is also changing to improve who shows up on your stream to help organized and reduce the amount of traffic it may receive for people with lots of friends. Show more or less of a friend, family member, or anyone else.

The publisher can update your status, photos, videos and more. The publisher is just like your original status that will help keep you and your friends up to date with the quick share box. The publisher will help users find and upload pictures and videos to share with your friends and family.

There is also a highlights addition to the right pane on the profile that are stories based on what your friends interacted with. Filled with updates such as birthdays, upcoming events, and sponsors, the updated highlights should improve readability of events.

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