First wave of 'Real PC' ads go public

As expected, Microsoft unveiled their first wave of "Real PC" ads tonight featuring a wide range people who break the PC stereotype that has been set by Apple in their ads.

According to Microsoft "the ads will feature green architect Edouard Francois, astronaut Bernard Harris and celebrities such as Eva Longoria and Deepak Chopra, but the main focus is on real PC users of all ages and from all walks of life, such as teachers, cabbies, designers and fish mongers."

The ads also feature a Microsoft engineer, dressed as the sterotype PC from the Apple ads, who looks so much like John Hodgman... it's scary.

You can upload your own "I'm a PC" clip on Microsoft's new "Life Without Walls" site, which may be featured in online ads or on the big screen in Times Square, New York.

Video: Pride | Not Alone | Sterotype
View: Microsoft Press Release

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